1CM2 of your skin for human rights


Human Rights Tattoo

Visual art collective Tilburg CowBoys and Festival Mundial are going to tattoo the complete Declaration of Universal Human Rights with the full 6773 characters on 6773 human beings around the world. Why? Universal Human Rights mean that the Human Rights apply to every single living human being. There are no exceptions. You might think that these 30 rights are commonly known by everybody, but that is far from the truth. It is impossible to respect and protect these rights if they are not known. That’s why!

Art project

The Human Rights Tattoo project is an art project to create awareness and underline the importance of Human Rights. The idea originates from Sander van Bussel – a visual artist, who takes part of the Tilburg CowBoys, The Netherlands, which is known for their social art projects. The murder of fellow artist Steven ‘Nyash’ Nygah in Nairobi this year motivated him to pursue this idea. The project is set up as a collaboration between Mundial Productions (The Netherlands) and Tilburg CowBoys.

We want to tattoo the complete text

Our goal is to tattoo the complete text of the Declaration on individuals, letter by letter. The complete text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights contains 6773 letters. Each person gets one character. This means that in the end, there is a group of 6773 people from all around the world walking together with the complete text of the Declaration of Human Rights. To tattoo the complete text we need 6773 individuals to offer a small piece of their skin. The size, place or colour of the tattoo is not important.

Signing with a tattoo

Having a letter of the Human Rights Declaration means you are reminded of yours and everybody else’s rights. It is a way of putting your signature under the Declaration of Human Rights only this time a piece of the document is signed on you. You will carry it with you. For the rest of your life.

6773 different motivations

The group will be united on this website where every letter of the text is clickable, so one can see who is behind every tattooed letter. Every person and every tattoo is documented by a photo of the tattooed letter, a name and a motivation in text.

The project tours around the world

We want people around the world to join the project and having a letter tattooed. Please contact us if you want to set up a Human Rights Tattoo-day in your city our country. Together we can set up these places to celebrate life and freedom. This project will last as long as needed until all 6773 characters have been tattooed…
Are you willing to get one of the first 6773 tattoos and be part of this very unique and exclusive community of Human Rights ambassadors? Check our calendar and see what the next tattoo-date is.