We organize Human Rights Tattoo events world wide. If you are interested in joining Human Rights Tattoo you have to pay us a visit at one of our tattoo events in the world.

We have a limited amount tattoos available per event. We work with a first come first serve principle. So if you are determined not to go home without a Human Right Tattoo make sure you get there in time. At arrival you will receive a registration card with your letter on it. You can’t choose your letter but the font and your position on your body is up to you. You can pick a font type from the Human Rights Tattoo fonts catalogue that will be available on the spot. After your tattoo is done we take a super up-close picture of your tattoo that will be published on our website together with your statement. Please think about your statement (in English) upfront. A good statement is personal and gives an insight in your life and your personal relation to human rights. All tattoos and statements will be uploaded on the website.

All upcoming events are posted on the events-page. If there are no events shown, it means we are busy organizing. If you sign up for the newsfeed, you will get all new HRT-dates by email.

No. You can only register in person at a Human Rights Tattoo event itself. We work with a first come first serve principle. So if you are determined not to go home without a Human Rights Tattoo make sure you get there in time.

We want to spread Human Rights Tattoo around the world as much as we can, especially to countries and places where we haven’t been yet. For each tattoo-event we need a local host and financial partner to set up the event. Find out how to become a host here.

Our events are a way of actually building this community by meeting the people who believe in the same moral goals. Human Rights Tattoo is a community art project, not an online service.

Human Rights Tattoos are not for free. We work with a Pay As You Please system to make our project accessible for everyone, no matter your background or budget. As a guidance; tattoo materials cost ± 4,50 euro for each tattoo, and a tattoo of this size normally starts from 50, – euro at a regular tattoo studio. You can leave your contribution in our Pay As You Please Box on the spot.

Human Rights Tattoo to less fortunate places around the world? Please don’t leave without a donation! You can leave your contribution in our Pay As You Please Box on the spot or feel free to make your donation by bank or Paypal to:

Stichting Human Rights Tattoo Foundation
IBAN: NL55 TRIO 0391 020404


No. All letters are equal and we tattoo them in the order of the complete text starting with letter #1 and finishing with letter #6773. If there is a specific reason you DON’T want a certain letter, you have the possibility to swap. Good reasons NOT to want a specific letter are; the first letter of your name, or your (ex)partners’ name. We want the letters to be Human Rights Tattoos, not “name tattoos”.

No. We provide a font catalogue with different fonts and sizes to choose from. These letters are tattoo able, not to complex and will stay nice through the years. We bring all letters from the catalogue as stencil/transfer. That is why it is not possible to change the size of the letters.

We work with local tattoo artists who volunteer to join the project for one day. We will mention the specific tattoo-artists each event so you can check their work.

One tattoo takes approximately 15 minutes, so with two tattoo artists we can do ± 8 letters in one hour. Depending on the duration of the specific event this can result in 50 to 80 tattoos a day. Because of the limited number of tattoos on each day, we always get fully booked. Don’t come late!