Tattoo Family Assembly @ BredaPhoto, Stadsgalerij Breda – The Netherlands

We invite all people with a Human Rights Tattoo for a TATTOO FAMILY ASSEMBLY

After 4 years we are almost halfway tattooing the Declaration of Human Rights. The first tattoo was done on Michiel Vos, on Festival Mundial in 2012 now, after 40-something events we have tattooed 3321 letters out of 6773. Time to celebrate with an exhibition of all photos and a Tattoo Family Assembly!

Human Rights tattoo is invited for the seventh edition of BredaPhoto International Photo Festival. Over 70 outspoken photographers, Dutch and from abroad, exhibit their work outdoors and in art centers in town. October 2nd we will be at the Stadsgalerij for our first Family Assembly.

PROGRAM 2 October:
13.30 > 17.15h: Tattoo Family Assembly @Stadsgalerij (Oude Vest 34).
Meet the people who believe in the same moral principles. Meet this new family that carries this declaration together with you. All people with a Human Rights Tattoo are especially invited at the Stadsgalerij, the heart of the BredaPhoto festival. We hope to see you there for a informal meeting and exchange experiences and stories. Check in at the desk with your tattoo and we will make sure to introduce you to your new family members :-). At the Stadsgalerij you can find coffee, beers and books, and it is the perfect starting point for a visit to BredaPhoto, so check out the program of the festival:

13:30 > 15.30h: Get your portrait taken!(Oude Vest 34)
In the exhibition there are 30 portraits. We would love to expand this collection. A photo studio is set up at the spot to portrait people with a Human Rights Tattoo. Off course you will get a digital copy of your own picture.

16.30h: Artist Talk by Sander van Bussel (Oude Vest 34)
HRT-founder and artist Sander van Bussel will talk about his experiences, the stories behind the project, and his hopes for the future.

NOTE: There is no tattooing on this day!

Expo @ BredaPhoto
All 3321 tattoos in 1 megasize picture! At the international photofestival BredaPhoto the photos of the Human Rights Tattoos are exhibited for the first time. The tattoos can be seen, (and read) in a long wall of 32 meters just outside the central trainstation. So, for all you tattooed ambassadors: come and find your tattoo amongst 3320 others. In addition a selection of 30 portraits from Myanmar, Malawi, USA, Ukrain, Brazil and more will be exhibited. These photos give a glimps of the people of the Human Rights Tattoo community, and what motivates them.

2 Oct 2016