Queerfest – Saint Petersburg, Russia

Hello Russia!
On Saturday September 28th we’ll be tattooing a part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This Human Rights Tattoo event is dedicated to LGBT rights in Russia and everywhere else around the world. It will take place in Saint Petersburg and is organized in collaboration with Amnesty International Russia and Amnesty International the Netherlands.
28 September 2019, 12AM – 7PM
Black Cat Tattoo Studio
The event is open for everyone. The number of tattoos is however limited. A percentage will be reserved to those who have made significant contributions to advance the rights of LGBT people in Russia. If you are interested please send a brief letter of motivation to motivation@humanrightstattoo.org. The selection will be made based on this motivation. The majority of the tattoos will be available on a first come first serve basis at the event. All motivations are welcome till September 18th.
Tattoo artists
We are honored that Zhenya Zakhar, an incredible tattoo artist from Ufa in Russia that is helping survivors of domestic abuse turn their scars into art, will work with us. She has covered up the scars of thousands of women with mostly flowers and butterflies. Check out her work! Zhenya will team up with her partner Alexey partner Alexey and the amazing tattooers from Fat Cat Tattoo Studio in St. Petersburg:
Egor Zizo
Kira Pyshin
Alexander Kuznetsov
Alice Carrol
Assisted by Alice Vecherovskaya

Procedure of getting a tattoo
We have a limited amount of tattoos available per event. As stated above, a percentage will be reserved to those who send a brief letter of motivation to motivation@humanrightstattoo.org and are selected. For the rest of the event we work with a first come first serve principle. So if you are determined not to go home without a Human Rights Tattoo make sure you get to at the location in time. The first people in line will receive a registration card with their letter on it. You can’t choose your letter but the font is up to you. You can pick a font type from the Human Rights Tattoo fonts catalogue that will be available on the spot. Please note that tattoos are limited to arms, legs, hands and feet. Due to technical limitations, tattoos on the torso are not possible. After your tattoo is done we take a super up-close picture of your tattoo that will be published on our website together with your statement. Please think about your statement (in English) upfront. A good statement is personal and gives an insight in your life and your personal relation to human rights.
Pay As You Please
Human Rights Tattoos are not for free. We work with a Pay As You Please system to make our project accessible for everyone, no matter your background or budget.
Human Rights Tattoo depends on donations. We want to spread Human Rights Tattoo all across the world. Therefore we need money to pay for (tattoo) materials, travels to countries where human rights are being violated and organization costs. Your donation of any amount is highly appreciated!
So are you interested in helping Human Rights Tattoo travel around the world? Please don’t leave without a donation! You can leave your contribution in our Pay As You Please Box on the spot or feel free to make your donation by bank or Paypal to:
Stichting Human Rights Tattoo Foundation IBAN: NL55 TRIO 0391 020404

28 Sep 2019, Upcoming