AIDS2018 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In Bed With Simavi
Human Rights Tattoo will be back in Amsterdam on July 25th with a special event dedicated to women & girls living with/ affected by HIV/AIDS.
This July, the city of Amsterdam will host the 22nd International AIDS Conference under the theme “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges”, drawing attention to the need of rights-based approaches especially to reach key populations in regions where epidemics are growing.
We invite you in bed with Simavi & Human Rights Tattoo at ADAM&CO in the Adam Tower of Amsterdam, where we will take you to new heights with a special tattoo session dedicated to women & girls living with/ affected by HIV/AIDS.
For this special event Simavi is selecting people via a nominee system. Spots will be reserved for those nominees who have made significant contributions to advance the rights of people, specifically women & girls, living with/affected by HIV/AIDS.
PLEASE NOMINATE HERE (before July 18th)
We’ll be working with the amazing Rosana Dermadonna Jakob from Dermadonna Custom Tattoos & Jerome Dubbeld.
Without an RSVP you will not be able to attend the event. If you are nominated for a tattoo you will receive an email from us with your timeslot in it.
Simavi will present a diverse panel discussing sexual rights & sexual freedom with a focus on women & girls living with/ affected by HIV/AIDS. The program will include:
• A diverse panel discussion bringing you stories and insights from Africa and Asia. As a preview; we have Fita Rizki Utami from Indonesia, who will share her life story and work with youth and SRHR with you. This part of the programme will take place from 14.00-16.30 pm
• An ongoing tattoo session; nominees only! This part of the programme will take place from 14.00-22.00 pm
• An entertaining evening session in which we bring you the story behind Human Rights Tattoo & Simavi, and some food for thought, accompanied by music and drinks. This part of the programme will take place from 19.30-22.00 pm
• Exhibition of the Human Rights Tattoos and Simavi’s projects in Africa and Asia. You will have the chance to meet other Human Rights ambassadors, hear inspiring life stories, and network with like-minded people at an exclusive location in Amsterdam.
Interested to attend the panel discussion or the evening session? Subscribe HERE: (before July 18th)

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